Dear Laurel Manor Administration,

Words cannot express my gratitude for the care that you have provided for my mother while at your facility. Since her admission on February 11, 2010 I have noticed such a change in my mother’s demeanor and progress. Your staff maintains professionalism and demonstrates that they genuinely care for the welfare of the residents. Changes to Laurel Manor have truly been for the better. My mother’s overall experience has been wonderful. Because I am so pleased with her care, I have recommended others in search of a nursing home for their loved ones to tour “The New” Laurel Manor Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. I sincerely would like to thank all of the staff for their hard work and commitment to providing excellent care. You all have truly exceeded my expectations for what a nursing home experience is all about. Keep up the good work!
– T.S.

Saying Thanks for All You Do

When the most important people in our lives, our parent’s whom we love and respect, are now elderly and can no longer be independent and care for themselves like they once could and we are unable to give them the care they deservedly need. A huge decision now comes into both your lives that will change both your life and theirs. Where to place your loved one in a facility that will provide Safety, a place you can Trust, Staff you can Reason with, that shows Affection, Treat people with dignity and Friendship. Outgoing, Responsible and Dedicated to give every resident the care they deserve and need. I can honestly say I am quite satisfied that my Mom is living at Laurel Manor. Everyone that works at Laurel Manor is all they can be, to do the best they can at what they do. Thanks.
– J.S.

I would recommend anyone needing rehab care to come here

My stay here has been more than I could have thought it would have been. I had a chance to go to another Rehab center. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I picked Laurel Manor. I had heard of this place from my brother-in-law when he had been in here, and he loved it. He loved it so much that my husband and I could not get him to come home for holiday meals. He would say “ No, today is bingo (or) today is the string band.” It was always something going on. Well, now I found it out for myself that he was right. I have been here for 47 days. Today I am going home. I would recommend anyone needing Rehab care to come here. The nurses and CNA’s to the housekeeping and Maintenance and kitchen help are great kind people. I got very good care. If the days comes that I would need to come to a place like this again or for permanent, I want my family to know that this is where I want to come, that place is Laurel Manor Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.
– L.B.

“The People”

Laurel Manor is an Excellent Care Facility and the reason is “The People.” From the administrator to the maintenance men, everyone cares. Plus we have very special and gifted nurses who go out of their way to help our residents. They all try and make this a happy place.
– C.S

To all the Nurses…

To all the Nurses, that cared for my mother, our family wants to thank you all for your kindness and God Bless you all! And also for being so kind to our family.
– L.M. Family

Thanks to all!

Our Family is so appreciative of the compassionate care given to our loved one at Laurel Manor. When we leave at night, we are confident that he is in competent and safe hands. Thanks to all!
– S.E.

Thank you for getting me back on my feet!

When I arrived at Laurel Manor I was in a bad way both physically and mentally. I’d spent three months in the hospital and had under gone 4 surgeries, the last one being a below the knee amputation of my right leg. Upon my arrival the entire staff started working with me to get me back to my old self. The best therapy I received at Laurel Manor was the encouragement I received from the entire staff. When the staff saw me up and walking they literally applauded me. Every member of the staff helped me reach my goal of walking out the front door. During the roughest time of my life Laurel Manor was there for me and got me back on my feet.
– Bob Minton