I would recommend anyone needing rehab care to come here

My stay here has been more than I could have thought it would have been. I had a chance to go to another Rehab center. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I picked Laurel Manor. I had heard of this place from my brother-in-law when he had been in here, and he loved it. He loved it so much that my husband and I could not get him to come home for holiday meals. He would say “ No, today is bingo (or) today is the string band.” It was always something going on. Well, now I found it out for myself that he was right. I have been here for 47 days. Today I am going home. I would recommend anyone needing Rehab care to come here. The nurses and CNA’s to the housekeeping and Maintenance and kitchen help are great kind people. I got very good care. If the days comes that I would need to come to a place like this again or for permanent, I want my family to know that this is where I want to come, that place is Laurel Manor Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.
– L.B.